Labour Shortage in Quebec: How Can a Web Agency Support Your Team?

By Alexandra Thibaudeau | June 20, 2022 | Reading time: 6 minutes

With 196,500 vacant positions registered during the first quarter of 2023 according to the Institut de la statistique du Québec and an unemployment rate of 4.2% in March of the same year, it is more than 64% of Quebec SMEs who say they have difficulty recruiting. Unfortunately, this issue should persist for some time. Although government measures are being deployed to remedy the situation, Mr. Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity and Immigration, declared in an interview with Le Devoir that "the labor shortage will take years to resolve”.

In such a context, how can you support your teams who are overwhelmed and exhausted from being in front of their screens for over 40 hours a week? One of the solutions is to optimize your workflows with the help of a Web agency. This can help your business in its growth despite the labor shortage.

This article describes three reasons to do business with a digital agency during this labor shortage. Such a partnership will help you establish efficient processes that will benefit you immediately and in the long run.

Partnering with a web agency can help you survive and thrive even with the current labor shortage situation.

Automate Your Processes to Free up Your Employees and Increase Efficiency

The web offers several opportunities that are unknown to the majority of people. Our electronic devices have a lot of features, but we must have the necessary knowledge to be able to take full advantage of them. Whether it is to create personalized sites or applications, synchronize data across multiple platforms, or even automate manual tasks, everything is possible in this digital era.

Here are a few examples of web opportunities you could take advantage of to help your employees make better use of their time:

  • The integration of APIs, which push information from one system to another, in real time, to allow you to have the most recent data in all your apps;
  • The creation of software tailored to your company’s processes and need to accelerate and/or automate manual tasks;
  • The implementation of workflows to assign specific tasks to various departments or automate digital marketing campaigns to contact your leads and customers proactively;
  • The use of a digital system to migrate your customers online and automate administrative tasks, such as invoicing, updating records, creating purchase orders and more;
  • Etc.

Obviously, implementing these kinds of resources requires time and programming skills. If you do not have an in-house IT team, or if it has other priority projects to carry out, you should do business with a Web agency. The agency will take the time to analyze your different needs and create solutions that are perfectly adapted to your business, in addition to identifying digital opportunities that you could have missed. An agency will also work to help you optimize your various tools as new requirements are rising in your company and as the Web evolves. This type of partnership is an excellent long-term investment that will allow you to access customized tools in order to be more efficient and offer better service to your customers.

Centralize Your Tools in a CRM to Save Time With the Help of a Web Agency

Are you one of those companies that uses multiple tools to manage your business? Nowadays, hundreds of platforms/programs exist to help companies in their daily tasks. However, most of them have different functionalities and must be managed independently from each other, which can make them difficult for your employees to use and quite expensive for your organization. By using several tools, performance analysis also becomes a complex task to perform. Having to collect a large amount of data from several places and group them together so that they can provide an accurate portrait of your company is difficult. It’s time consuming for your employees and will take their time away from other important projects.

But did you know that there are tools that allow you to centralize all of your marketing, sales and customer service activities in one place? The Customer Relationship Management softwares (CRM) are designed to manage your contacts from the moment they first interact with your business. They are also meant to align your sales and marketing teams to propel your growth. In addition, this type of web-based platform generally offers the possibility of being customized in order to integrate with your internal applications, in particular thanks to APIs. This allows your employees to access all the information and tools they need in one place.

An agency will also work to help you optimize your various tools as new requirements are rising in your company and as the Web evolves.

With this type of system, your sales team will benefit from automation tools for follow-ups, charts to analyze performance and manage pipelines, in addition to accessing a bank of prospects directly from the CRM contact database. Meanwhile, your marketing team will be able to boost their campaigns by taking into account the profiles of your contacts, manage all communications in a single system — social media, email, advertisements, etc. — and perform comprehensive results analysis. Finally, your customer service team will have access to the full history of each client, ticketing tools to solve problems, applications to quickly communicate with contacts, whatever their preferences (chat, email and phone), and much more.

This type of software can be more expensive and take a while to implement, depending on the size of your business. But once the start-up processes are in place, you will see a return on investment very quickly. Web agencies can be partners with companies that offer this type of tool. You will therefore definitely want to do business with one of them to help you configure the CRM and integrate it with your existing applications. An agency can also develop a strategy to help you take full advantage of the CRM and act as a consultant in order to train your teams to properly use all the features offered.

Offer Support to Your Marketing Team by Partnering With a Web Agency

Web agencies can be a perfect ally to help your marketing department and boost performance and drive results.

If you are a small or medium-sized business, chances are that your marketing team members wear several hats: community manager, communication consultant, email marketing specialist, strategist, copywriter, event organizer, graphic designer, video editor… All of these roles are frequently given to one or two key people within an SME. Although this diversity of tasks is interesting and offers your employees a variety of challenges to overcome, it too often translates into overloaded days during which your team works from task to task, without having time to consider the long term strategy.

By allowing your team to collaborate with a web agency, you help them optimize marketing campaigns to generate better results. The agency can support your employees in several ways:

  • By carrying out certain tasks for them, to lighten their workload;
  • By accompanying them or simply taking charge of creating strategies according to their marketing goals;
  • By developing recommendations to optimize their campaigns and strategies;
  • By offering them new campaign ideas that they would not have thought of, due to lack of time;
  • By suggesting new tools and automating processes to save time;
  • And much more.

In short, Web marketing agencies are excellent partners to help you take full advantage of online tools, to reduce the workload of your employees and allow them to be more efficient on a daily basis. By collaborating with a web agency, you also ensure that the tasks your teams focus on and the systems that are put in place support your long-term growth. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with a web agency today!

Alexandra Thibaudeau, Digital Project Manager

Alexandra Thibaudeau

Holder of several HubSpot Academy certifications, she uses her expertise to ensure the creation and development of the company's Inbound Marketing strategy.