A Custom CRM Software for the Canadian Pharmaceutical Company: Mantra Pharma


Mantra Group - A Pharmaceutical Company Operating with 5 Distinct Entities

Mantra Group is a fast-growing Canadian company operating in the pharmaceutical and health sectors. It involves multiple divisions with several dozen employees working both in offices and on the road. Its services are, among others, delivery and logistics related to the distribution of over-the-counter products, warehousing of products, marketing of medication, vitamins and supplements, consultation and continuing education.

The customized CRM helps all 5 divisions have a better overview of the company's operations.

The Assignment: Creating a Custom CRM Software to Help Sales Rep, Management, Accounting and Marketing Departments

The more the company grew, the more it felt the need to gather its data in a single system. This needed to happen in order to invest in the right resources and optimize the work of all employees. In its beginning stages, Mantra was using Salesforce as a CRM. But the customization options with the latter were expensive and took too much time to implement for the fast paced company. This is when the pharmaceutical company asked Unik Web to create a tailored customer relationship management software, so that they could centralize their data on a single platform and improve operations’ management.

+ 30,000

customers integrated
into the CRM software


  • Development of custom CRM software
  • Complete migration of existing information in an external CRM (Salesforce) to the new personalized CRM
  • Implementation of secure databases
  • Custom web application design
  • Data synchronization across all platforms used by Mantra Pharma Group
  • Setting up and configuring a flexible and scalable hosting environment

The Challenge: Consolidating Data from Multiple Entry Points and Standardizing It

Mantra employees work under 4 separate and independent divisions. However, the data they collect on a daily basis is essential and beneficial to all divisions. A very large amount of information is collected daily, but the representatives did not have a digital tool allowing them to standardize and share this information. It was therefore difficult for Mantra to improve its business strategy while maximizing its existing resources. That’s when the company turned to Unik Web to develop a personalized CRM that would allow Mantra to:

  • Deal with data collected by multiple employees without a standardized method or centralized platform;
  • Facilitate the consultation of business history with customers;
  • Prioritize and reassess sales efforts based on customer business level and product performance;
  • Optimize the logistics steps surrounding ordering, delivering and distributing products;
  • Improve the management of tasks, territories and customers by sales representatives on the field;
  • Meet the specific needs of each different division of Mantra Group.

The Solution: Designing a Custom CRM Software for the Mantra Group in Order to Centralize Information in a Single Digital Platform

The custom CRM allows the sales rep to have access to all data in real time, from any mobile device. They can also update their files on the spot to ensure they get the most accurate information into the software.

To meet the needs of Mantra's divisions, Unik Web developed a tailor-made CRM software that allows the company to consolidate a multitude of information on a global digital platform. Here are some of the steps that were taken:

Unik Web collected, cleaned and standardized data taken down by hundreds of employees from the various subsidiaries, in various formats, including printed paper. To achieve this, our agency had to do a lot of manual work in order to gather the data, digitize it and transform it into a standard format for the Web. The information is now up to date and accessible at all times from the digital library.

Client and company profiles were created and can now be kept up to date by representatives in real time. Everything can be sorted by individuals or by company, allowing employees to easily learn about the professional activities carried out with the said person or company. Contact profiles can be modified during a meeting with a client just by logging in online.

+ 100

users in all
company departments

+ 85%

of operational
performance growth

Unik Web also created a module so that representatives can analyze the competition based on market data and data collected from their various customers. With this information integrated into the CRM, they now have an overview of the status of the different accounts and can plan and improve their sales and marketing strategy accordingly.

We included, in the personalized CRM, modules to optimize client activity management. This way, Mantra can assign customers to the right representatives according to territories, analyze product performance and place molecule orders directly from a mobile device.

Users have access to all client and company profiles on the CRM's interface.
The interactive map is a major part of the representative's tools as it displays clients and tasks by priority.
Overview of the CRM's dashboard.

Unik added an essential traceability tool to track the distribution of medications and sensitive samples through branches in Quebec. This way, Mantra can ensure that the products are delivered at the right place and monitor their use in order to detect any anomaly.

Unik Web developed a tool in which employees can add their mileage, manage their expense account and classify their receipts by predetermined categories. On the one hand, this feature allows representatives to avoid oversights and to be reimbursed more quickly. On the other hand, the accounting department can track expenses in real time and analyze the costs by type of activity.

The CRM also allows for performance evaluations of the different staff members. Managers can generate performance reports by representative that take into consideration the number of calls made to customers, visits made to branches and the number of working days thanks to the integration of the holiday calendar. This makes it possible to compare the representatives' results and to assess if the workload is distributed adequately.

Implementing Process Automation in Order to Optimize Resources

Once the data and functionalities were fully integrated into the CRM software, Unik Web helped with the automation of processes. Automation is a great way to standardize workflows and optimize resources.

The custom CRM also needed an interactive map that displayed Mantra Medical's clients. The view of the map can be sorted by client priority, which is determined according to the level of business done with the company. This map module also includes management tools synchronized with each employee's Outlook calendar. If the time delay between the current date and the last branch visit reaches a certain number of days, the CRM software automatically sends a reminder to the appropriate representative so that he can schedule a meeting. It allows them to do regular follow ups and build trusting relationships with their customers, without ever leaving the CRM.

Close-up of the interactive map with clients displayed by priority, categorized by color.
Another look at the CRM's dashboard that can be customized to the user's preferences.

Unik Web provided a real-time bidirectional synchronization between the CRM software and other applications used by Mantra Group. By using custom APIs, Unik gives employees access to the right information, regardless of the platform they are using. For example, the CRM of the Mantra Medical division is synchronized with that of Mantra Pharma. The two entities can have access to all the activities carried out within the company with a specific client.

Also, a bidirectional API has been developed between the CRM and the company's HubSpot platform, used by the marketing department. This function is particularly useful for the marketing team, who can now have access to important data and communicate the right information to the right people.

To summarize, through the development of a personalized CRM, Unik Web made sure to meet the company's objectives. Mantra Group managers, sales representatives, accounting and marketing departments now have access to tools allowing them to improve their operations and analyze their performance in order to invest their time and resources in the right places.

Other Implementations

Apart from the creation of a personalized CRMs, Unik Web has also supported the Mantra Group in the implementations of other projects including:

  • the integration of the HubSpot CRM and digital marketing consulting services;
  • the management of email consents, according to Canada's anti-spam Legislation;
  • the implementation of a scalable Web hosting environment to allow for growth and optimal performance.

Technologies Used

The app allows for entering mileage, expenses and invoices directly from a mobile phone. No more lost invoices and expenses that can't be refunded.

Client Testimonial

Unik Web was able to understand the needs of our pharmaceutical company’s different divisions. They grasped our employees’ day-to-day in order to design a CRM that helps us manage our operations and allows us to save precious time. We have been working with this agency for almost 10 years now, and we are always very satisfied with the results they provide.

Olivier Paquet

Vice-President, Operations
Groupe Mantra