How Unik Web Helped Kinesiologist Patrice Beaudry Take Care of his (Brand) Image


Shifting Priorities to Include Personal Branding in the Marketing Strategy

Patrice Beaudry is a professional trainer, graduate in kinesiology and specialist in nutrition. He is involved in numerous sports projects and events. When we first met him, Patrice managed multiple social media accounts and different websites for each of his events. The majority of his marketing efforts were focused on promoting his challenges, leaving little time to advertise his private consultation services. Patrice had no digital platform associated with his name and he was aware that this lack of online presence towards his personal brand was detrimental to his growth. The potential clients he met at his sporting events could not find him online or on social media. They had no way to discover the impressive range of personalized services offered by the trainer outside of the challenges.

The Assignment: Developing a Personal Brand Image to Improve the Visibility of a Kinesiologist/Private Trainer

Wanting to be better known as a personal coach to the public, Patrice asked Unik Web to develop his visual identity and deploy it through digital marketing tools. His main focus was the creation of a new website. He asked that his new brand image allow him to stand out from his competitors and help him become easily recognizable to his target audiences.

Creating a logo, a website, video content, business cards, etc. was all part of the mandate. This can be included in our branding services.

The Challenge: Consolidating Multiple Visual identities Under One Brand Image

In order to carry out this assignment, we must pay particular attention to the different visual identities Patrice used for his many sporting events. We then need to consolidate them under a single brand image. The objective is to develop a visual that reflects Patrice’s personality and allows him to distinguish his private consultation services from the sporting challenges he organizes, while maintaining a certain alignment between the two.


  • Branding
  • Design of a graphic charter
  • Logo design
  • Website development
  • Creation of business cards
  • Content creation
  • Indexing and optimization of the website for search engines
  • Video production
  • Social media strategy consulting services
  • Setting up and configuring a flexible and scalable hosting environment

The Creation of a Visual Identity and a Strong Brand Image

Before starting any work for Patrice Beaudry, we must get to know him through a short questionnaire. This helps us to learn more about his business objectives, his needs and what drives him on a daily basis. The answers obtained then allow us to create a mood board, which represents a glimpse of the essence we want to develop for the coach’s brand.

Following the development of the mood board, our designer team builds a graphic charter that defines the visual identity of the Patrice Beaudry brand. In this document, we combine all of the following elements: colours, chosen typography, the possible tonal variations, the logo, regulations as to its use and much more.

The website is responsive and displays correctly on all types of devices.
The graphic charter helps the client and his collaborators to better understand the different visual elements and how to use them. In this case, we talk about colours, logo usage, fonts, spacing, etc.
The website is responsive and displays correctly on all types of devices.
The graphic charter helps the client and his collaborators to better understand the different visual elements and how to use them. In this case, we talk about colours, logo usage, fonts, spacing, etc.

Unveiling the New Branding Using Digital Marketing Tools

Once the graphic charter is finalized, we begin the process of revealing Patrice Beaudry’s new visual identity by developing a website in the name of the coach. To do this, we start by defining the website architecture according to the type of content and the best UX design practices. We then undertake the creation of mock-ups on Figma to put together the layout of the various pages of the site. Once everything has been approved by Patrice, we start programming and web integration of the various templates. In order to offer a fully collaborative experience to our client, we set up a staging environment so that he can follow the progress of the project in real time and give us feedback as we go.

Our client also told us that he wanted to manage his blog via WordPress, a platform with which he is very familiar. We therefore connect the main site to an API which allows the integration of a " headless WordPress." This way, the coach can write his articles from his CMS of choice and the layout automatically adapts to the visual identity of the Patrice Beaudry brand.

As part of the branding services, we included video production and editing as well as professional photography for Patrice Beaudry.

Along with web programming, our marketing team works closely with Patrice to write content for the site. We target several keywords on which we want to position the trainer’s site and write the texts and testimonials according to these. We also support the coach in the production of videos by coordinating the project and ensuring that all the scenarios are ready for shooting day. This is how we make sure to create engaging video content aligned with our client’s brand image.

Finally, we launch the Patrice Beaudry brand on social media by updating his various accounts. We adjust the banners and profile photos for each of the media accounts used by the coach and we change the usernames to ensure consistency across each of the social platforms. Finally, we offer Patrice a consulting service to help him better position himself on interesting topics related to his brand and to spread his message to his communities on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We created all the headers for the different social media platforms used by Patrice Beaudry.

Optimizing the Digital Visibility of the Patrice Beaudry Brand With SEO

For the right target audiences to discover Patrice Beaudry’s brand, we must ensure that his marketing tools are indexed by search engines. We configure the Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, find the right keywords to associate with content and develop a digital strategy around local searches. Synchronization with Google tools also allows the trainer to analyze his performance over time and improve his content based on the data recorded from his site.

Other Services

In addition to developing the visual identity for the Patrice Beaudry brand and display it through multiple digital communication channels, we:

  • created images and illustrations for the site;
  • adapted the site to different devices (mobile, tablet, computers) taking into account good UX design practices;
  • implemented a secure and efficient hosting service to support scalable growth;
  • created business cards with the new branding.

Technologies Used

Patrice Beaudry's website was built with a highly collaborative process. The client is informed on a regular basis of the progress and if encouraged to comment often to ensure we hit meet his expectations.

Client Testimonial

The visual identity that Unik Web has created for the Patrice Beaudry brand perfectly reflects the vision I had for my business. They designed a website that met my expectations and helped me accomplish projects that I had in mind for a long time. Thanks to the team, I now have a great online presence, which helps me gain visibility and generate new customers.

Patrice Beaudry

Kinesiologist, B. Sc.