Fleurexpert: Managing 3 Sister Companies and an ERP on a Single Digital Platform


How to Properly Manage the Data of 3 Merged Companies?

Three companies, three ways of doing things and an innumerable amount of data harvested from either side. This is what Fleurexpert, a company working in the floriculture industry, has to deal with on a daily basis. Although the clientele and products differ from one entity to another, Fleurexpert wishes to consolidate their administrative efforts in a single system. They want to centralize their operations, reduce the time spent collecting data, and minimize manual and duplicated tasks day after day.

Taking inventory from the different suppliers is now easier and not done manually anymore.

The Assignment: Developing a Web Platform that Supports 3 Distinct Websites Under the Same CMS

Fleurexpert and its divisions asked Unik Web to design a digital platform that can be integrated with their existing ERP. This allows them to centralize their operations and information on their customers, while having the possibility of independently managing their respective websites within a single CMS. The objective of this mandate is to eliminate repetitive tasks while streamlining the management of web content using an ERP.


  • Website development
  • Creation of tailor-made APIs and bidirectional synchronization between the ERP and the Web platforms
  • Integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP)
  • Setting up a flexible and scalable hosting environment

9 distinct websites

with centralized management

+ 100,000

completed orders annually

The Challenge: Centralizing ERP Data While Maintaining Individual Management Characteristics

As Fleurexpert entities each have their own customers, price lists, suppliers, logistics processes, etc., setting up a single digital platform bringing together these three divisions represented an interesting challenge. The platform had to allow for the content management of nine different websites, while integrating data from three separate ERPs.

The web platform has over 1 million cataloged products, available on any mobile device.
The staff can complete over 100,000 flower orders annually thanks to a centralized management system.
LThe web platform has over 1 million cataloged products, available on any mobile device.
The staff can complete over 100,000 flower orders annually thanks to a centralized management system.

Integrating a Supply Management Systems to Centralize Operations in the ERP Software

Due to the fact that their products have a very short lifespan, floriculture companies need to renew their stocks regularly and quickly in order to provide a quality service. Since Fleurexpert is no exception to this, very tight inventory management is essential to the success of the company. Their web platform has to be perfectly integrated into their supply processes to ensure that the offered products reflect the stocks available for their entire production chain.

To do this, we developed a flexible supply management system and integrated it with multiple international suppliers' information. This software adapts perfectly to the different data formats provided by each of them: some send Excel files periodically while others prefer using APIs. With the digital solution we developed, hundreds of thousands of products displayed on nine websites are synchronized in real time with the inventory accessible in warehouses located all over the world. This makes it so the online offer actually reflects the available merchandise.

Lastly, we made sure that the systems are all hosted in a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can adapt to order volumes and the seasonality of the floriculture environment. This ensures a good user experience on each visit, regardless of the traffic recorded on the site.

The online web platform that the employees use is integrated with the chain of supply and synchronizes with the available inventory, updated in real time.

+ 20,000

customers supported
by the online platform

Technologies Used



Technologies Used



Client Testimonial

The team at Unik Web really understood the needs of each of the companies associated with Fleurexpert and the fluctuations we face on a daily basis, whether in terms of inventory management, prices or seasonality in the industry. Thanks to the platform developed by Unik Web and the fact that it’s integrated with our internal ERP software, we have a solid basis for our continued online growth.

Mario Martel

Fleurexpert, Fleurigros, Flore Bella