The NBHPA Scores Big by Going Digital with Unik Web


Maximizing the Logistics Management of Ball Hockey Events across Quebec: a Major Challenge for the NBHPA

The North American Ball Hockey Players Association (NBHPA) brings together the vast majority of ball hockey facilities and players in Quebec. With managing over 100 centres, hosting 75,000 games every season, and planning numerous tournaments and special events yearly, the NBHPA faced an operations management challenge. In addition, it had to use three different platforms on a daily basis to meet the needs of its members. To simplify and optimize its processes, the ball hockey association asked Unik Web to develop a digital interface. That interface needed to centralize its resources, facilitate the organization of major events and offer an excellent experience to players.


  • Development of a mobile application
  • Development of a web platform
  • Development of a personalized e‑commerce platform for integration into the WordPress CMS 
  • Automation of maintenance processes and updates of WordPress websites and their extensions (plugins) 
  • Management and coordination of third-party security agents for all websites 
  • Technical support and training 
  • Data migration 
  • Setting up and configuring a flexible and scalable hosting environment

The Challenge: Developing a Digital Solution to Optimize the Event Logistics Behind Large Ball Hockey Tournaments

When organizing a tournament, since a large number of centres and players are part of the NBHPA, Unik Web had to develop a digital platform composed of features that ensured optimal use of rinks in order to maximize revenues. We also needed to migrate the data collected in the three sites previously used by the Association so that the latter and its members did not lose any important information. We performed this task using tools that imported various data formats and others that inspect or scrape existing sites and extract the statistics available. Finally, we needed to create a platform that would be able to support heavy traffic on a daily basis.

+ 75,000

members supported by the platform

The Solution: Designing a Web Platform with Custom Features to Centralize NBHPA Operations

First, with the help of artificial intelligence, we designed a calendar capable of automatically scheduling all the games in a season. In order to guarantee the optimal use of each field or rink, the calendar had to take into consideration not only the duration of each ball hockey game, but also the time for the rink’s maintenance time and the restrictions of different leagues. As many players play in several categories and teams, the algorithm developed also considered everyone’s schedules to minimize conflict rate throughout the season. In addition, the calendar takes into account special events, tournaments, court rentals by non-members and much more.

A custom made algorithm optimizes the use of every ball hockey surface while taking into consideration the rules of the different ligues. The players experience a well organized event and can focus on their games.

Unik Web also developed a statistical tool that allows players to track their performance from game to game.

To ensure compliance with ball hockey regulations and those specific to the different leagues, we developed a tool that allows users to follow the ranking and alignment of players. From this platform, coaches can create balanced teams and hockey players can follow their ranking history and request revisions in order to move up to the higher levels. We also included a suspension manager module in the platform.

The player's ranking tool is updated in real time and allows for the creation of teams that are fair and respect the rules established by the different ligues.

+ 100

establishments managed by custom modules

Unik Web also developed a statistical tool that allows players to track their performance from game to game. Since we migrated the data from the old platforms into the new one, the players can consult their history and create performance reports as needed.

Additionally, we added to the platform a feature that allows users to see the scores of each game in real time on a mobile device, wherever they are. They can therefore follow the progress of a game, the evolution of a tournament, the results of an event, without having to attend.

Developing Personalized Modules to Facilitate the Administrative Work of Ball Hockey Centres Across Quebec

In order to optimize operations management for all NBHPA centers, we integrated various tools and modules into the platform to facilitate the execution of administrative tasks. First, we configured an access management system to ensure proper use of the site.

We then designed a billing and accounting module so that the Association could manage all annual subscriptions, one-time payments for additional services as well as registration fees for special events online.


tools designed to migrate data

The hockey players are happy that they can follow the scores in real time, thanks to a feature that displays results on the mobile app.
Members of the different ligues can sell their branded merchandise thanks to white label sites developed by Unik Web.

We also created a white label module which offers centers the possibility of having their own personalized website with WordPress. On the latter, they can display the various data available from the NBHPA digital platform, including their player statistics, the results and summaries of the games played, the dates of upcoming events and more. Unik Web also developed a tailor-made ecommerce platform that centers can integrate into their WordPress CMS to sell merchandise or rent equipment.

When needed, to allow the NBHPA to comply with the regulations put in place by the Government during the recent pandemic, we developed a feature that validated the Covid-19 vaccination status of players and employees.

+ 100

customized websites hosted on the same platform

The NBHPA's website developed by Unik Web allows for live display of various ongoing games and event results.

+ 75,000

games planned every season

Other Implementations

In addition to creating a digital platform fully customized to NBHPA’s needs, we performed:

  • the development of a series tree that evolves as the tournament progresses
  • technical support and training on a regular basis
  • the management and coordination of third-party security agents for all websites
  • the complete translation of the digital platform

Technologies Used

Client Testimonial

Our goal was to have a platform that would allow us to maximize efficiency in our events logistics and management, as well as the use of our rinks in all centres across the province. The interface that was designed by Unik Web does much more than what we initially envisioned, in addition to offering our members an excellent user-experience.

Paul Roy

President of the NBHPA